thanks for visiting my homepage.

My name is Rebecca Gutwald. I am a philosopher – in academia and outside. I am a researcher, a research manager,  an organizer, a writer, a communicator, supervisor, a teacher, a course planner….. I work on the topics of development ethics, especially capability approach, political philosophy, theory of rationality, philosophy of economics, feminism, philosophy of science in social sciences, digital education and ethics in practice.

In March 2018 I started my new position as managing direct of a cooperative PhD-program at the Munich School of Philosophy. Take a look at the programme here: Promotionskolleg der Kooperation bayerischer Hochschulen Bayerns – it is only in German, however.

Very often, I you will find me at other institutions as a teacher and research manager. For instance, I teach at Volkshochschule München, or at KSH München. Also, I teach philosophy for young people and children – more to come on this website soon!

I am also co-coordinator of the thematic group „Foundational Issues in the Capability Approach“ of the Human Development and Capability Association, and I am an exec board member of the International Development Ethics Association and, together, with some colleagues, I am working on building up a new network for European based development scholars called EDEN.