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In March 2018 I started my new position as managing direct of a cooperative PhD-program at the Munich School of Philosophy. Take a look at the programme here: Promotionskolleg der Kooperation bayerischer Hochschulen Bayerns – it is only in German, however.

Very often, I you will find me at other institutions as a teacher and research manager. For instance, I teach at Volkshochschule München, or at KSH München. Also, I teach philosophy for young people and children – more to come on this website soon!

I am also co-coordinator of the thematic group „Foundational Issues in the Capability Approach“ of the Human Development and Capability Association, and I am an exec board member of the International Development Ethics Association and, together, with some colleagues, I am working on building up a new network for European based development scholars called EDEN.

CV Dr. Rebecca Gutwald

Born 31.3.1977  in Traunstein, Germany


University of Munich (LMU)
Dissertation: Paternalism, Vulnerabilities and Cultural Conflicts - the Problem of Benevolent Interference Within Cross-Cultural Context (referees: Prof. Wilhelm Vossenkuhl, PD Dr. Martin Rechenauer; grade: magna cum laude)

Post-graduate studies
Helsinki, University of Helsinki
Post-graduate studies and DAAD-group „Collective Intentionality” between LMU Munich and University of Helsinki (led by Prof. Raimo Tuomela)

Magister Philosophiae
University of Munich (LMU)
Master (MPhil): Moderne Tugendethik bei Philippa Foot und Rosalind Hursthouse [Modern Virtue Ethics: Philippa Foot and Rosalind Hursthouse’s Work]
Referees: Prof. Wilhelm Vossenkuhl, Prof. Verena Mayer; grade: 1,5; exams: 1,7

University of Munich (LMU)


Managing Director PhD Programme: Cooperation of Catholic Universities in Bavaria (75%)
Management of the PhD programme, development of online learning projects
since 03/2018
Munich School of Philosophy, president’s office
Associate Professor and Research Fellow
Chair for Philosophy IV, Prof. Nida-Rümelin
University of Munich (LMU)
­- Research Fellow (50%): Re.Cri.Re Between the Representation of the Crisis and the Crisis of Representation,EU-Research-Project: Project number: 649436; 12/2017-04/2018

­- Associate Professor (50%); national research project "ForChange: Sustainability, human capabilities and social resilience"
funded by the Bavarian ministry of culture and education 09/2013-12/2017
- Post-Doc Scholarship (50%) 08/2012-09/2017

- GeNECA: Just, sustainable development on the basis of the Capability Approach, funded by German ministry of education and culture (BMBF), 06/2010-09/2012

Teacher, writer and Project Manager, freelance
Since 09/2012
- teaching philosophy for kids, adolescents and adults,
- project management in online communication and marketing incl. fundraising
- writing blogs posts, articles, short pieces

Research Assistant
Chair for Philosophy I, Prof. Wilhelm Vossenkuhl University of Munich (LMU)
Research Project Paternalism as an ethical problem in medical ethics. cooperating with the faculty of law, chair for criminal law and philosophy of law, LMU Munich


­Online-class: online course development and e-tutoring, vhb 
University Course on Organisational Ethics: Caring and Deciding (ethical consultation): iff Vienna/Klagenfurt, Dialog Ethik Zurich, TTN Institute Munich
Organisational consulting and management
Project managemet


Human Development and Capability Association (HDCA): Co-coordinator of the thematic group “foundational issues in the capability approach” (FICA)
International Development Ethics Association (IDEA) member
EDEN (European Development Ethics Network) – in formation
Mentor swip (society of women in philosophy) for female students

Volunteering in the parents’ association at school and church